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Dichotomy is a BIG Word


  1. a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

Why is it that some people would focus on this photo of kids and guns and say they don't mix? While others would say teaching kids about guns and firearms safety is the way to make a country safer and teach values surrounding history and freedom?

...this week, it seems like the answer to the "why" is "who" - who you learn from, who you are influenced by, who raises you, who you let dictate your children's education, who you let feed you a belief system.

My "why" is answered by my own thinking, the thinking of the people who fought for a free country where men, women, and children, have control of and responsibility for their own destiny. Control your own thinking. Form your own thoughts. Teach yourself. Teach your children. Ask why you live with the voice and freedom to choose what you want to believe...if you look back through history of our country, you will see that men, women, AND CHILDREN with guns won that freedom for you. Sure, we're free to enjoy freedom now to use firearms for other things, like hunting or sport, but the real reason our country still is the "last best hope of man on earth" is because of guns and a populace armed to keep freedom. Don't forget that.

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