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Shotgun World Shoot 2023 - Fast Track System - Passport, Permits, & Patience.

A bunch of people asked me this weekend at multigun nationals and in the past couple weeks via messages about getting all of their information set in the fast track system for IPSC Shotgun World Shoot. I am going to share some information and a picture that anyone going should all pay attention to.

The biggest thing you have to do is get your information in right away. sit down with your passport and your firearms serial numbers. Get those details in first and hit save (at bottom of page).

You will also need a passport photo and you will need to size it appropriately so that it uploads.

When you upload your passport photo and the head and shoulders photo they ask for in order to create your badge for the match, they need to be appropriately sized. You also need to ensure that there is a hyperlink box that appears to the right of the upload button - as seen in the photo here circled in red.

Pay attention to what you’re doing, double check all of your numbers, and read. It’s not very difficult.

If you have your flight information, add that as well. (YOU CAN ONLY FLY INTO SUVARNABHUMI AIRPORT.) Remember to hit save anytime you add additional information.

As you get more information… Add it to the form. But the biggest thing to take care of immediately, is to make sure that you have your firearm serial numbers and your passport information input correctly.

If you plan to buy any ammunition, you need to listed on this form. You also need your emergency contact information.

You will need to create your Fast Track Pin. You can create the fast track pin at any point. Have paper and pen handy or save it somehow on your computer or your phone so that you can access this pin, because you will need it when you check in for the match.

If you read my other two blog posts, you should have a notebook in which you write down all of this information and carry it with you.

As the match staff are reviewing what was sent to them, you will see information filled in when you log into the IPSC Portal website, such as the date the process is started for your import license.

If you are under age and your parent is bringing your gun, then the delegate information is something you need to pay attention to. If you know anyone who hasn't completed these steps yet, hollar at them, because it needs to be done by August 15th.

I know someone who said they had to get their passport updated...if that's you, I would reach out to the match staff and make sure they know you are working on it. If it's just a date thing, they might be able to get the process moving with your passport # or at least put you on a list of names to follow up with.

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